About Recyclestack

Recyclestack.ng is an online marketplace built to simplify recycling business and help Nigerians convert waste to wealth through technology.


Recyclestack.ng informs, financially empowers, and connects its users to the 4.5 trillion Dollars global circular economy.


Recyclestack.ng promotes a clean, sustainable and green environment.


Our online marketplace allows owners to extract value from their solid wastes while also providing a steady supply of raw materials to the Nigerian manufacturing and recycling sectors.


Recyclestack.ng gives its users the ability to rapidly connect to an ecosystem of solid waste recyclers in Nigeria and the globe.


Recyclestack.ng enables Nigerians to Reuse, Recycle and Reduce solid wastes.



Our Mission

Enabling Nigerians convert waste to wealth through technology.

Our Vision

To promote a sustainable, clean and green earth environment.



Our Team

Our team is made up of young technology innovators and environmentally friendly Nigerians.

Our Customers

Any Nigerian with a phone and internet, scrap collectors, recyclers, scrap dealers, plastic waste collectors and recyclers, waste managers, agro waste, e-waste collectors and dealers, foundries, industries, manufacturers, and every participant in the solid waste value chain.



Our Partners

Bottling companies, recycling companies, foundries, waste management agencies, governmental and non-governmental organisations, and corporate organisations across the globe.